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7 Promises Bible Study


Join me in an in-depth look at the promises God has made for us.

How it works:

Each week I will post my own study on the selected reading. I will walk you through my thought process on deciphering God’s Word using a word study focus. The promises from God we will be looking at in depth are: forgiveness, hope, gifts, blessings, purpose, freedom, and value.

How to Participate:

I encourage you to join in on this 7 Promises Bible Study! You can participate in many different ways.

  • Complete the Bible Study and post your reflections in the comments
  • Read through my reflection and comment your thoughts and feelings
  • Help me to answer my questions!
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My Process:

  1. Read through the selected passage and highlight specific words (or phrases) that stand out
  2. Read through a second time, this time write down at least one question about the passage
  3. Using a dictionary, define the words that stood out
  4. Use the definitions to help answer the question (if possible!)
  5. Pick out one word or phrase that captures the essence of the passage. Use this word to reflect how the passage relates to you

I look forward to hearing your feedback! My perspective may be different than yours (and I hope it is!) and I would love for us to grow and challenge each other in God’s Word during this 7 Promises Bible Study.

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