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7 Promises – I am Gifted Part One

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7 Promises – I am Gifted

We made it! We are on to the next section of our “7 Promises Bible Study” Series. To start back at the beginning, click here!

A quick reminder of how this Bible Study works. Each week I will post my own study on the selected reading. I will walk you through my thought process on deciphering God’s Word using a word study focus.

I encourage you to join in on this Bible Study! You can participate in many different ways.

  • Complete the Bible Study and post your reflections in the comments
  • Read through my reflection and comment on your thoughts and feelings
  • Help me to answer my questions!

I am Gifted

In my first reading of this scripture, the following words jumped out to me:

  • Exhorts
  • Zeal

Question: How do we know what gifts we have? 

Exhorts: strongly encourage or urge someone to do something 

I’ll be honest here I had no idea what this word meant until I looked it up! I also had to do some research on examples of exhorts in the Bible to see what it really means. From my understanding, exhorters help stir people to action. They can be motivators, encouragers, and counselors. Often times we procrastinate on the things we know we should be doing. Exhorters come along and push us to take action. Many of us go to church or study the Bible on our own. We heard/read God’s word, but do we take action with it? Exhorters are there to give us the push we need to be doers in the name of God! What a needed gift this is!

Zeal: great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective  

To lead with zeal, what a wonderful gift to have. I can think of many leaders that I have come across in my life and the ones who have the most impact on me are the ones who exhibit zeal. When we have the zeal for God, we will have a bigger impact on those around us. This is not to say that we have to be obnoxious though. Sometimes I feel Christians get a bad rep as people who through their faith into other people’s faces.

I don’t think this is the zeal God has gifted leaders. Zeal, to my understanding, would be showing your passion to those who are ready to receive it. I can tell my local pastor has great zeal in his leadership. I can almost see his passion shining through as he is giving his sermon. When people are looking for help and direction, that is the best time to lead with the energy and enthusiasm God has gifted.  

Question: How do we know what gifts we have? 

To start, I think it would be a good idea to look up the gifts of God. Read and gain an understanding of the characteristics and uses of each gift. Then, pray pray pray. Remember, a gift from God is not something you can earn or deserve. That being said, it is something you can learn more about and become better at. You can do this by studying the Bible to see what others did with the gift you have. You can pray about it and ask God for knowledge and help using your gift. And, you can ask others as well. In your church and community, there are sure to be elders that can help you. I hope we all can discover our gifts and use them for God’s purpose.  

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