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7 Promises – I Have Hope Part Five

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7 Promises – I Have Hope

In this passage, the following words stood out to me: 

  • Resurrection 
  • Inheritance 
  • Imperishable 

Resurrection: restore to life 

This word stood out to me, not because I was unfamiliar with the definition of resurrection, but because of the miracle, it represents. We often hear about the resurrection of Jesus, and in theory, I know what it means. Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we are to be forgiven. However, it is interesting to note that he was not the only resurrection in the Bible, there are many other cases. First, Tabatha was raised by Peter, then, Eutychus by Paul, and Lazarus by Jesus, just to name a few. So why do we find the resurrection of Jesus to be so amazing? To put it simply, only Jesus actually conquered death. All others who were resurrected would eventually die again. Only Jesus rose from the dead and never died again. He literally is the LIVING hope we have!

Inheritance: come into possession of something 

It is because of the death and rising again of Jesus that we have the inheritance promised to us, which is an eternity in heaven. Our sins have been washed away and because of that, we will always have the hope of an afterlife. This can no longer be taken away from us thanks to Jesus Christ!  

Imperishable: enduring forever 

I’ll be honest, at first it was a tough choice on what word stood out to me most at the end of the passage. When I looked up the words imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, they were all similar in their description that heaven is not going away for us and we can have hope for it. So, I decided to look up the first one on the list, imperishable, meaning enduring forever. This struck me as so beautiful! Because our God decided he loved us so completely, he gave his only Son to us to forgive our sins. It is because of this sacrifice that we have the hope of eternal life that will endure forever.  

Enduring Forever

There is no better way to end this part of our 7 Promises than with the phrase “enduring forever.” This fills my heart and soul with so much hope and joy. Our God in heaven has a place for us, and so that promise of hope will never fade away.  

Question: What was your favorite part of the “Hope” portion of our 7 Promises series?  

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