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7 Promises – I Have Hope Part Four

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7 Promises -I Have Hope

In these passages of scripture, the following words stood out to me:

  • Bold 
  • Confession 
  • Wavering  

Bold: showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous  

This word stood out to me because it is my hope that I can be bold in my faith and that I can go forward in life with confidence and be courageous to express myself. I have made it one of my goals this year to be bolder in my faith, so this is one of the reasons why I am doing a Bible study on my blog. I want to show my faith to the world in order to find others to share it with. It’s honestly really scary to put myself out there like this, but so far so good! Thank you for walking through this journey with God with me and I hope we will continue together.

Confession: a statement of one’s principles 

The first definition that pops up when I looked up confession is admitting to a crime. Well, that doesn’t fit, but the next one had a religious focus! As Christians, one of our founding ideas is hope, because we have God by our side, no situation is too dire. We will have hope and we can persevere!  

Wavering: becoming weaker, faltering 

To express hope without wavering, without faltering, without becoming weaker. Isn’t that the ultimate goal? I know I will have wat moments in my life and in my faith, but my prayer for us all is that our hope in God will never fade away. He has made us these promises and because of that,we will always be full of hope.

Hope without wavering 

As January 2020 draws to a close, I hope we remember to continue this year with God. Some of our goals may have failed, some of our resolutions may have weakened, but God will forever be with us. Our hope in Him will not go away, because we have Him by our side.

Question: How can we be bold in our faith in 2020?  

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