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7 Promises – I’m Forgiven Part Four

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I am Forgiven

In this scripture, the following words jumped out to me:

  • Lavished
  • Purposed
  • Unity

Lavished: expended or produced in abundance

The definition of lavished makes me think of pampering and well taken care of. There are so many images around today of people lavishing their pets, children, or significant others, but God’s lavishing is worth so much more. Forgiveness is one of the riches of God’s grace that we get so much of! How wonderful He is for us!

Purposed: something set up as on object or end to be obtained

This is such an inspirational definition! By sending Christ as our savior, God was also giving us a lifestyle to seek. God sending his only son to forgiven our sins is an amazing gift in and of itself. But there is a second gift within that, we now have something to aspire to! If we ever feel lost or unsure of how to proceed, we can then look to Christ’s example for guidance.

Unity: the quality or state of being made one

God sent his Son so that we can be forgiven for our sins. When the time comes we can now reach unity with Him in heaven! And isn’t that the goal of every Christian? We are forgiven for our sins and I think that is the ultimate gift from God. Now we will spend eternity with our Father in heaven.

Purposed in Christ

I feel the phrase purposed in Christ is the highlight of this scripture. The theme we are focusing on lately in forgiveness, and that forgiveness could not have happened without Christ. I think the best way to be thankful for the promise of God’s forgiveness is to try and purpose our life in the image of Christ. This will always be a challenge, but isn’t it worth it?

Question: Trying to purpose your life in Christ can be a challenge, how have you risen to that challenge lately?

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