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7 Promises – I’m Forgiven Part Six

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7 Promises – I am Forgiven

We’ve made it to our last I am Forgiven portion of our 7 Promises series!

In the scriptures, the following words jumped out to me:

  • Dominion
  • Darkness
  • Redemption

Dominion: sovereignty or control (from the Latin word for Lord/Master)

When I first looked up the definition for dominion, it didn’t do much to help me understand the scripture. “Sovereignty or control” makes a lot of sense to me in regards to history. But alas, this is not my classroom and we aren’t talking about nations having self-rule. Looking past the definitions I saw a section titled “origins.” Aha! In all my studies I have yet to look here for inspiration! Dominion, from the Latin word for Lord or Master. This puts the phrase dominion of darkness into a whole new context! Lord or master of darkness now seems to reference a physical being, which I can only conclude to be the devil.

Darkness: the partial or total absence of light; wickedness or evil

Usually, when I think of darkness my first thought is wickedness or evil. This fits well within the phrase “dominion of darkness” meaning master of evil. However, a big reason why I am doing this word analysis form of Bible Study is to dive deeper into the other meanings of words and how they can apply to scripture. This is why I included the first part of the definition here: the partial or total absence of light. If the devil is the master of darkness, it only makes sense that God is the Lord of Light. Before God made the world, there was only darkness, absence of Him. Then, when the world was drawn into wickedness and evil again, He would send in his Son to bring the light back into our lives. We no longer have to live in darkness, because we have the light of our Lord!

Redemption: being saved from sin, error, or evil

I read the word redemption often in scripture, and though I had a good knowledge of what it meant, it still stood out to me today. What a nice reminder it is to know that we are saved from all sin, error, and evil!


As the first phase of our 7 Promises Bible Study draws to a close, I thought ending with the word redemption seems most fitting. This first set of scripture centered around the idea that we are forgiven. God has sent us his only son Jesus to die for our sins. It is because of this that we are saved from all sin, error, and evil! How glorious it is that we have a Lord of Light!

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Question: What has been your biggest takeaway from phase one of our 7 Promises Bible Study so far? Let us know!

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