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Day 2 – March 20th, 2020 – Quarantine Routine

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Quarantine Routine

I’ll begin with complete honesty. I got this idea from an Instagram post I saw yesterday. Click here if you want to see the original post.

I am a person who thrives on structure. I like routines, schedules, lists, due dates, etc. All of this gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Like I said in my last post, I had just come out of spring break when all of the chaos broke out.

I did not have a great spring break. To be frank I was moody, restless, snippy, and overall unhappy. And I just could not put my finger on why. I was so utterly unmotivated. I would have a plan of attack and then sit for hours on my phone lost in Facebook videos or Friends reruns. This is not my normal, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. That is until I had a breakdown last weekend about the school shut down…

While crying to my husband about how bad I had been feeling and how frustrated I had become, it finally hit me. I was so frustrated with myself for not accomplishing anything because I am afraid. Afraid that I will be stuck at home for the next few weeks with no motivation or drive. Afraid I will let all this time go to waste. But worse of all, afraid that I won’t even have enough motivation to help my students.

God Bless my husband.

He has this amazing ability to hear my deepest fears and then rationalize them. He does not dismiss my fears but helps me combat them. In his eyes, this time away from my normal school life will be really good for me. It will help combine my love of teaching, with my desire to craft, blog, and be with my fur babies. I sure hope he is right.

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With the motivation from that Instagram post, combined with my husband’s faith in me and my own will to make the best out of this situation, I stayed up until midnight last night coming up with my:

Quarantine Routine!!

Quarantine Routine!!

In case you cannot read my lovely handwriting, here is a typed version. *With edits. This is a living document and should be adjusted to how I need it. It is important to note that the listed items below are suggestions. I am not expecting myself to complete all of them every day.

Typical Daily Schedule

7 am – Wake Up!
– get ready
– make coffee
– eat breakfast with Aaron
5 pm – Downtime
– latch hook and Youtube TV
– nap
– Netflix and snuggle Minnie
8 am – Work Time
– answer emails
– record video lectures/updates
– grade assignments
– update Canvas
6:30 pm – Family Time
– dinner
– catch-up with Aaron
– play with animals
11 am – Brain Break
– hang out with Cinder (new kitten)
– read a book
– play games/ surf web
– eat lunch
8 pm – Blog Time
– daily Covid-19 post
– Pinterest
– Insta
– Twitter
1 pm – Get Out!
– walk Minnie
– clean up yard
– workout
10 pm – Bedtime
– wrap up any last projects
– clean up “office”
– catch zzz’s
2 pm – Weekly Project
– Here is where I got my inspiration from the Instagram post. I like the idea of each day picking a different thing to work on instead of trying to do everything every day.

Weekly Themes

Monday – Brain Buster
– online lectures
– informational youtube videos
– search for knowledge
Friday – School Work
– clean out Google Drive
– research a new teaching tools
– curriculum work
Tuesday – Get Crafty
– work in craft corner
Saturday – Family Focus
– teach Minnie something new
– date night with Aaron
– home projects
Wednesday – Chores
– deep clean or reorganize an area
– do something for the home I have been putting off
Sunday – Church & Blog
– watch church service online
– research blogging items
Thursday – Get Crafty
– work in craft corner

Day Two went well. I stuck pretty close to my schedule. However, I didn’t go outside because it was freakin’ cold out. Dinner was at 8pm. And this blog post didn’t get finished until 11pm!

My biggest take away here is the reminder: be flexible, be kind, be happy. This is not a schedule that I HAVE to stick to, rather it is something to reference if I get off track.

I hope this works!

What does your quarantine schedule look like? Comment below! – Mrs. Pettit

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