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DIY Mason Jar Sconces

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DIY Mason Jar Sconces

I have to admit, I am a little bit obsessed with Mason Jar crafts lately. This is a craft I have been wanting to make for a very long time. Pinterest is just full of these ideas and with my current stash of supplies, they should be easy to make. And guess what? THEY ARE! Here is how I made DIY Mason Jar Sconces.


  • Scrap wood boards (I used Pine)
  • Mason Jars
  • Sawtooth hangers
  • Robe Hooks
  • Jute Twine (Thick, not thin)
  • Saw
  • Sander
  • *Fake Flowers
  • *Tulle

*These items are decorative and optional, feel free to substitute as needed.

STEP ONE – Prepare the Back of Sconces

My husband is a bit of a dumpster diver. He works at a sporting goods store and they get these giant pallets every time they get a new shipment of kayaks or paddleboards. He asked his manager if he could bring some home rather than them being thrown away. They said yes! Now, what to do with all these pallets.

He first removed all the nice pine boards from the top. I had him cut the boards in half so they measured about 15in in length. Then I went to work sanding them down. I did a quick sand job because I like the rustic look, but I wanted to remove any obvious splinter makers.

Pine boards from pallets
Boards cut in half and nails removed
Boards lightly sanded

Next, I brought the boards inside to stain them. I had some leftover stain from a different project and used that. I used a paintbrush instead of a stained cloth because of all the deep cracks. The brush allowed me to really get in the crevices. I let the boards sit overnight and the next morning I flipped them over to stain the other side. As I wanted for those to dry, I prepared the mason jars.

STEP TWO – Prepare the Mason Jars

The Mason Jar Sconces are hung by jute twine. I cut the main twine to the length of 2ft 10inches. This allowed the twine to wrap around the jar twice and make a nice bow. You can adjust this to be longer if you want it to wrap more times or have a bigger bow.

For the hanging twine, I cut a length of 1ft 6in. This length will vary depending on how low you want the jar to hang. It can be adjusted later, but it will involve some cutting and retying (I made all of mine too long and had to go back through….)

**Tip – add some super glue to your bow to keep it facing straight and nice.

Tie the shorter twine loosely around the longer twine. Wrap the longer around the mason jar twice. I double knotted and then did a bow to make sure the string stayed tight. Then, move the second twine so they are across from each other. This will allow the mason jar to hang straight. For added security, I added some super glue to each one of the knots so they didn’t come loose.

STEP THREE – Add Hardware to the Sconce Boards

I decided to go with sawtooth hangers because they are sturdy but forgiving. Meaning that if you put them on a bit off to one side, they are easily adjustable. (I’m all about convenience) I nailed the hangers on the back and then screwed on the hooks to the front. The big focus is to keep the hangers near the top and on straight since this is what the Mason Jars will be attached to.

These simple hooks and hangers I got from Menards.
I added the hangers to the upper part of the board backs.

Once the hardware is on, you can hang your Mason Jars!

STEP FOUR – Decorate the Mason Jar Sconces

Here is where you can get creative! I have a TON of fake flowers leftover from when I created my own centerpieces four Aaron and I’s wedding. They were just sitting there waiting to be repurposed! So I used the flowers and tulle to decorate my DIY Mason Jar Sconces, but there are many different ways you can decorate these! You can even change them for every season!

How would you decorate your Mason Jar Sconces?

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  1. These are super cute, and I love that they are so customizable, by adding different flowers and decorations! I really love the purple ones.

  2. Such a fun idea!! And I love how you have everything laid out with pictures as well! Definitely going to try this!! Thank you 😍

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