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How to Refurbish an Old Window into Wall Decor

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Last year I saw someone post on Facebook Market that they had old windows to sell and I jumped at the chance to make some cool window crafts! These windows have been sitting in my basement for almost a year before I finally figured out what I wanted to do with them! Here’s the step by step process on how to refurbish an old window into wall decor.


  • Old window
  • *Liquid Wood
  • *Wood Restore epoxy putty
  • Paint
  • Turpentine
  • Sander or Sandpaper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Chicken Wire
  • Staple Gun
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hammer

*Only needed if your window shows signs of rot or weakness.

STEP ONE – Prepare the Window

This window had a significant amount of soft wood/rot. I wanted to clean this up and make the wood stronger before I did any anything else.

First, I sanded the window to get rid of any oil paint that was left. There was no need to completely remove the soft wood, because the wood epoxy and putty will use the old wood to hold on to.

I used a 120 grit sander and sand paper to do this.

STEP TWO – Repair Damaged Wood

Next, following the directions on the Liquid Wood bottles, I mixed equal parts A and B and then used a small paintbrush to apply the solution. This will help to strengthen the small cracks and holes as well as act as an adhesive to the epoxy putty added later.

**Tip – you can pour the solution into the deep cracks to help strengthen the wood.

After the Liquid Wood has set (it should be tacky, not completely hard), prepare the wood epoxy putty to apply. When applying the epoxy putty, make sure to really push it into the holes and crevices, especially if you plan to staple, nail, screw, anything into this area. I let this sit overnight to make sure it was completely cured. The next day I sanded the treated areas so they matched the original wood.

Wood restore epoxy putty
Window with epoxy putty

*Tip – use a little bit of water to help smooth the edges

Finished window after sanding

STEP THREE – Decorate Windows

I decided to paint this window. Going with a pastel chalkboard blue, I used a small paint brush with just a little paint on the end and made fast light strokes. Any areas that I thought were too thick I sanded away with rough sand paper. I kept the paint to a minimum because I wanted to highlight the original window wood while also adding some color.

After the paint job is complete, this is the look of our old window, and its almost ready to be wall decor!

STEP FOUR – Add Details

Here is where you can get creative! I decided I wanted to make this into a cool wall hanging, possibly for a bedroom to hang jewelry on? To do this I added some chicken wire to the back of the window. I used clamps to keep the wire in place and a staple gun to secure it. Finally, I added the original pane of glass to the middle space. And that’s how to refurbish an old window into wall decor!

Clamps to hold the wire in place on the window
Staple all around the window to hold with wire in place

Final Product – Opinions Needed!

Should I add something to the middle glass pane? If so, what do you think I should add?

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  1. I love repurposing items most people think of as junk. Your project turned out beautifully. I love the blue whitewashing you did to it.

  2. Wow this is beautiful! I’d love one in my home. Thanks for sharing the instructions. Definitely getting my husband on this. 🤣

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