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How to Turn Scraps into Bookmarks

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How to Turn Scraps into Bookmarks

When I craft I tend to be a hoarder. I may not know when I will use this tiny piece of scrap paper again, but darn it, I am going to keep it until I do!

That is where the inspiration to DO something with these scraps came from. Earlier this month I did some book crafts and I kept all of the insides to use in other crafts. What goes better with book crafts than book marks?! Since I am currently between crafts and trying to clean up my craft corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to use up all those scraps I have lying around.

Here is how I turned my saved scraps into bookmarks.


  • Any paper scraps you have
  • Tag Topper Punch
    • You could also use craft scissors
  • Fabric & Paper Glue
  • Cricut paper trimmer
  • Ribbon, Twine, or String for tying the top

STEP ONE – Create your Bookmark Base

I like to use a stiffer card stock as the base for my bookmarks. Most of my paper scraps were from printed card stock, the kind you use in scrap-booking. This would be too thin to use on its own. I had some left over thick brown card stock used to make pressed petals. Since I was going to be using old book pages, brown material for a base was quite nice.

Cut your base paper to the length and width that you like. Then, use a tag punch to make the decorative top.

What’s nice about this craft is that there are NO exact measurements needed. Just do whatever you feel looks nice with the scraps you have!

STEP TWO – Layer your Scrap Paper

Scrapbooking paper works well for bookmarks

Here’s where you can get creative! I liked the look of having two paper layers. I experimented with the book pages being on top and underneath the pattern pages. Next, attach the papers with craft glue.

Use craft glue to attach the bookmark layers

STEP THREE – Add your Tie-off Bookmark Top

I have a lot of extra twine from projects over the years. I just cut off a small section and did a simple knot to finish off these book marks!

As you can see, I experimented a lot with size! There is no right or wrong way to make a book mark.

Get Creative!

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop the ideas from flowing! I looked through my stashes to see what other papers I could use as bookmarks! This became a really fast and fun way to make use of my crafting scraps!

How do you use up your crafting scraps?

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  1. This is so creative and fun! I love this idea and love how simple it is to make. This will be my next craft project. Thanks for sharing xxx

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