My Affiliations

Like many bloggers, I work with brands and companies to help keep this blog running. I am very picky on who I work with, so I’d like to share with you who I work with and why!

**This page contains affiliate links. I gain a small commission if you purchase anything through these links. Read more in my policies and procedures.

Red Aspen

Who are they?

Red Aspen is a beauty company that is most well known for their nail dashes and lashes, but sell other cosmetics as well. Here is a video below to tell you more about the company!

Why do I work with them?

When I was first approached by Red Aspen to become an affiliate, I had never heard of this company. In my research I found this company matches many of my own missions and values. Their missions is “INSPIRE WOMEN TO STAND UP, STAND OUT, AND STAND
TOGETHER BY UNITING PASSION WITH PURPOSE.” What could be better than that!? I am all for women empowering each other. Through Red Aspen I have met and befriended many other strong women!

My Review:

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I’ve tried the nail dashes! They work well!


Who are they?

“LIVELY is inspired by what we believe makes women sexy today; smart, healthy, active and outgoing. We are delivering bras and undies that blur the aesthetic lines of lingerie, active, and swim, taking the best elements of high-style and comfort from each category. We are establishing an entirely new category and POV of lingerie, a movement that we call Leisurée.” – From the Lively website

Why do I work with them?

“LIVELY is not just about the products it offers, it is about a mindset we want to share with women around the world. One that reminds, empowers and enables us all to live life doing what we love, with the people we love! We call this #livingLIVELY.
We knew women were waiting for this kind of movement, but even we were surprised at the global response we received pre-launch. It was tremendous, and our message of strength and confidence resonated far and wide. Notes came pouring in; ‘It is an amazing thing to find a brand that not only aligns with my values but encourages us to stand firm in our own skin.” – From the Lively website

Again, this brand is all about female empowerment! Though working with this brand I have met and engaged with women around the USA! Some of them have turned into really good friends. Also, their clothes are sooooo comfortable!

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How I style my Lively bralette
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