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Weekend Recap – March 21-22, 2020 – Reconnection

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There’s no way around it, social distancing is disruptive. It can cause fear of others and fear of loneliness. But what it can also do is force us to be creative in how we engage with others, and to not take those engagements lightly.

This weekend was my husband’s birthday. My parents had planned to come to visit and give him their gift. His parents always have dinner with cake and gifts. Earlier in the week, my parents made the decision to stay at home. This was tough for us because my parents live three hours away and we do not get many chances to see them. In fact, the last time they were here was in early February, and they left early because I came down with the stomach flu. Now with the greater restrictions, who knows when we will be able to see each other again.

Needless to say our house was not in a big celebratory mood this weekend. In fact, Aaron and I decided Friday night to shut off all our alarms and just sleep through Saturday. My family had other plans.

I’m not sure if your families are like this, but my mom’s side is VERY close and connected. We have so many group chats that sometimes it is tough to keep up! I hate to admit it, but in the past, I have gotten annoyed with all the Facebook messages and Snapchats at all hours of the day. But this weekend was a different story.

Reconnection with Family

Saturday morning, I wake up to a request for a video chat on Facebook messenger. What followed was about an hour of conversation about how everyone is doing, what they are up to this weekend, and checking in to see if we are doing ok with all of this. I got to see my little nephew (actually cousin, but again, we are so close that I consider him my nephew). I got to see my parents working on setting up my dad’s shop. And I got to show off the new member of our family!

It felt so nice to be reconnected with everyone. We haven’t all spoken in “person” since our Christmas party in January. We laughed at funny faces (seen here), offered words of encouragement to those out of work, and gave ideas on new ventures we are taking. It was a really nice way to wake up.

Our plans of sleeping through Saturday are now happily foiled. Aaron and I decide to get some shopping done. We had a plan to redo our bedroom for a while now, and since I will be home for the foreseeable future, no time like the present to begin that! As we walk through Menards and Walmart we get the chance to really catch up. It was nice to be out knowing that soon we will be stuck in.

Upon our return home, it was too late to really start any of our home projects, but we did get the change to introduce our new kitten Cinder to our dog Minnie. It went very well! Currently Cinder is sleeping on my lap with Minnie in her dog bed at my feet. This is the dream!

Reconnecting at Home

Sunday morning we get up, I make Aaron his birthday breakfast, and we get ready for church. Though church today is a little different. We have coffee in mugs and are snuggled up on the couch to watch live stream church. It was different to say the least, but I loved how we were encouraged to engage in social media. I was able to see comments from people who I may not have talked to at church before! It was a cool way to be connected.

When we finished getting ready for the day Aaron and I decide to do something we haven’t in a long time, practice Karaoke!

As funny as it sounds, Karaoke has played a big part in our relationship.

  • The first time I noticed Aaron is when I heard him sing karaoke
  • One of our first dates was Aaron convincing me to come to karaoke with him
  • Aaron was able to build my confidence enough that I could sing karaoke by myself
  • We would practice often to try out new songs at karaoke
  • It became our every Thursday tradition in the summer
  • We even had the DJ that we normally sing karaoke with do our wedding!

Later that day we also went into the basement to play some ping pong! Another thing that we hadn’t done in a very long time. It was really nice to have these moments with Aaron. It’s not like we didn’t normally have the opportunity to do these things, but it just wasn’t a priority. Now it’s different. It’s like we have been given the gift of time amidst all this change.

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My big takeaway from this weekend is to take as many opportunities to connect and reconnect with friends and family. Send a text, make a call, facetime those who you cannot see during this time. Take time to do things with the people in your household as well. What is an project you keep meaning to tackle? Do it together. What is something you used to enjoy doing together? Do it again.

This may be a time of adversity for us, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful.

Have a good week! – Mrs. Pettit

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